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Our school produces an electronic newsletter which is emailed directly to you via our online Newsletter host - Schoolzine or you can access our recent newsletters via the links below.

Copies of current editions can be downloaded from here and opened in an internet browser.

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Latest Newsletter link that will automatically redirect to the most recently sent newsletter:

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MacgregorSS 2019-11-21.pdfNewsletter 21 November 2019MacgregorSS 2019-11-2121/11/20192475 KB
MacgregorSS 2019-11-07.pdfNewsletter 11 November 2019MacgregorSS 2019-11-077/11/20191892 KB
MacgregorSS 2019-10-24.pdfNewsletter 24 October 2019MacgregorSS 2019-10-2424/10/20192382 KB
MacgregorSS 2019-10-11.pdfNewsletter 11 October 2019MacgregorSS 2019-10-1111/10/20192148 KB
MacgregorSS 2019-09-05.pdfNewsletter 5 September 2019MacgregorSS 2019-09-055/09/20192433 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-8-22.pdfNewsletter 22 August 2019MacGregorSS 2019-8-2222/08/20191962 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-8-8.pdfNewsletter 8 August 2019MacGregorSS 2019-8-88/08/20193313 KB
MacgregorSS-2019-07-25.pdfNewsletter July 25 2019MacgregorSS-2019-07-2525/07/20193468 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-06-27.pdfNewsletter 27 June 2019MacGregorSS 2019-06-2728/06/20191540 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-06-12.pdfNewsletter 12 June 2019MacGregorSS 2019-06-1213/06/201912699 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-5-17.pdfNewsletter 17 May 2019MacGregorSS 2019-5-1717/05/20193695 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-5-2.pdfNewsletter 2 May 2019MacGregorSS 2019-5-23/05/20193324 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-4-7.pdfNewsletter 7 April 2019MacGregorSS 2019-4-77/04/20193905 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-3-21.pdfNewsletter 21 March 2019MacGregorSS 2019-3-2121/03/20192155 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-3-7.pdfNewsletter 7 March 2019MacGregorSS 2019-3-77/03/20196349 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-2-21.pdfNewsletter 21 February 2019MacGregorSS 2019-2-2121/02/20192205 KB
MacGregorSS 2019-2-7.pdfNewsletter 7 February 2019MacGregorSS 2019-2-78/02/20192015 KB