Religious Instruction

Queensland state schools embrace a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs. We encourage all students to grow and develop as a whole person; in beliefs, values and attitudes. MacGregor State School respects the background and beliefs of all students and staff by not promoting any particular set of beliefs in preference to another.
The program consists of a non-denominational Christian program facilitated by approved volunteers from various Christian communities; and Buddhism classes with the support of approved instructors from the Buddhist Education Services for Schools Inc. Religious instructors are required to maintain accreditation with their faith group, have a current and valid Blue Card and deliver only the authorised program of the faith group. All instructors complete Code of Conduct and Student Protection training annually. All religious instructors are required to follow the advice and directives of our Principal while on school premises.
When children are enrolled Parents/Carers are briefed about the Religious Instruction classes currently offered. Parents/Carers are asked to indicate on their Application for Student Enrolment if they want their child/children to participate in Religious Instruction or not. Classes are then timetabled using this information. Children will remain in these classes for the duration of their enrolment at our school until written advice to our Principal is received from Parents/Carers requesting a change.
Parents may choose not to have their children attend. Those students will be scheduled in a separate classroom with teacher supervision. Students not attending Religious Instruction will continue with tasks related to various aspects of the curriculum covered by their Classroom Teachers. Such activities may include, but are not restricted to:
  •  personal research and/or assignments
  • revision of class work such as creative writing or literacy and/or numeracy activities which could include online programs currently accessed by the students of that school
  • wider reading such as independent reading appropriate to the student.
Religious leaders approve the program of religious instruction to be used by their accredited representatives as religious instructors. The religious leaders are responsible for the quality of the religious instruction program that is to be delivered in schools and are required to screen their accredited representatives, provide them with ongoing support and training and ensure they are delivering only the authorised program.
Participants in the Christian Program will be required to purchase Connect – Infants A1 or Connect – Lower Primary A1. This is a Bible based curriculum, which discusses biblical stories and Christian themes.
The Buddhism Program focuses on Buddhist beliefs, values and the life of Buddha.
Parents will be advised of any changes to the RI and other instruction programs to ensure they are able to make an informed decision on their child’s participation. 
Last reviewed 25 June 2020
Last updated 25 June 2020