Rules and policies


Student dress code

Our school community supports a Student Dress Code because it promotes a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment by:

  1. allowing ready identification of our students at school and in public
  2. eliminating the distraction of competition in dress and fashion
  3. fostering a sense of belonging
  4. developing mutual respect amongst students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences.

Our students are expected to attend and represent our school in correct uniform. Our uniform is both distinctive and attractive. We encourage our students to wear their uniform with pride as they are representing themselves, their school, their family and their community. We expect all adults in our school community to support and encourage our students to wear the full uniform and wear it correctly. Any variations to the school uniform must be approved by the Principal

Our Uniform Committee considered the following when developing our student dress code:

  1. Availability and affordability of itemsvailability and affordability of items
  2. Functionality, durability and practicality of items
  3. Health and safety issues (our school is an accredited “Sun Smart School” with Queensland Cancer Council)
  4. Anti-discrimination issues.nti-discrimination issues.

Girls day uniform

Dress: MacGregor Tartan

Socks: White ankle socks visible above the shoe (not low cut)

Shoes: Plain black - leather or sport shoe

Stockings/ Tights: Bottle green (not leggings)

Hat: Prep - Red Legionnaire, Years 1-7 Green - Legionnaire, Broad-brimmed or Bucket with school logo

Pullover: Dark bottle green with school logo.

Fleecy Jacket: Dark Bottle Green - red trim (recommended for Performing Arts Groups)

Microfibre Jacket: Dark Bottle Green with school logo 

Please Note: Girls may wear shorts under their dress for modesty however the shorts must not be visible.

Boys day uniform

Shirt (To Be Tucked In):Dark Bottle Green, MacGregor Tartan collar/pocket trim

Shorts: Grey(not cargo style)

Long Pants: Grey trousers (not cargo style)

Socks: Plain grey ankle socks visible above the shoe(not low cut)

Shoes: Plain Black-leather or sport shoe

Hat: Prep - Red Legionnaire, Years 1-7 Green - Legionnaire, Broad-brimmed or Bucket with school logo.

Pullover: Dark Bottle Green with school logo

Fleecy Jacket: Dark Bottle Green - red trim (recommended for Performing Arts Groups)

Micrfibre Jacket: Dark Bottle Green with red sleeves

Uni-sex sports uniform

Shirt (To Be Tucked In): Red/green polo shirt with school logo.

Shorts: Green with school logo

Shoes: Plain black sport shoe

Socks: White ankle socks visible above shoe (no stockings/ tights/ leggings)

Hat: Prep - Red Legionnaire, Years 1-7 Green - Legionnaire, Broad-brimmed or Bucket with school logo.

Skorts* (Girls only): Bottle green

Pullover: Dark Bottle Green with school logo

Fleecy Jacket: Dark Bottle Green with red trim

Tracksuit Pants: Dark Bottle Green (To be worn over shorts in winter)

Please note that the sports uniform is a set and is to be worn as a set. The MacGregor sports uniform is the uniform for all inter-school sporting teams, including tennis and cricket.

Uniform shop

Our uniform shop has a full range of new uniforms all year round (except those marked with an *). The uniform shop is located next to the Tuckshop and is open from 8.00 am to 9.00 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A select range of quality second hand uniforms are also available on Fridays only.

Assembly Day on Monday

All students must wear the Day Uniform on Mondays for Assembly. If students do not present in full Uniform their teacher will direct them to wait in the Snow White Area with a book to read or work to complete(supervised by a staff member)


Students are encouraged to use the approved uniform items to layer up in the morning and remove during the day as temperatures rise. Gloves and mittens in school colours are only approved for travel to and from school. No high neck and/ or long arm skivvies or t-shirts should be visible (regardless of colour). No scarves.

Sun safety

Our school enforces a No hat, No Play rule. All students must wear sun safe shirts (eg: rashie) during any outdoor water activity. Sun glasses are approved for outdoor use. Sunscreen is provided and required (white/ clear; other Sports House colours approved at Sports Carnivals only).


Only one watch, one signet ring and one pair of sleepers or studs (in ears only) are approved. No other necklaces, bracelets, tattoos or rings are to be worn, unless approved by the Principal after receipt of a written note from the parent identifying religious and/ or cultural reason(s). Medical bracelets and necklaces are approved.


Hair must be tied back if longer than collar. Only “natural” hair colours and minimal hair accessories of school colours are approved.


No make-up. Clear nail polish only.

Free dress days

These are organised by our Student Leaders and advertised in our e-Newsletter, usually as a fundraiser for a specific purpose. Free dress clothing must be sun safe (eg: covered shoulders and midriffs). There should be no inappropriate or offensive logos, images, slogans or wording (eg: alcohol/ tobacco). Footwear must be covered in (no thongs).

Lost property

All personal items should be clearly named to assist with Lost Property return. The Lost

Property box is in Student Foyer of Administration block. At the end of each term any unclaimed unnamed school uniform items in good condition will be laundered and resold through our Uniform Shop. Any unclaimed unnamed non-uniform items will be donated to charity.

Uniform checks

Regular routine and random uniform checks will occur. Any of our students not in uniform will be given a uniform for the day; which can either be purchased, or laundered and returned. The Principal may confidentially issue a uniform to a student whose family is in difficult financial circumstances.

Any students with inappropriate items (eg: jewellery) will have them removed:

  1. for the day for the first offence
  2. for the week for the second offence
  3. for the Term for the third and repeat offences.

The Principal may apply the following sanctions on any student who does not comply with our schools dress code:

  1. no hat, no play (under cover play only)
  2. not sun safe, no play/ no water activity
  3. detention during lunch break or after school
  4. prevent attendance/ participation in representing our school
  5. prevent attendance/ participation in non essential parts of our schools educational program.

Students birthdays

We acknowledge the celebration of children’s birthdays and support a parent choosing to supplying a cake or other food to share with classmates to mark the occasion.

However we encourage parents to be mindful of:

  1. Our school and Education Queensland actively support Healthy Choices for foods and drinks
  2. Some of our students have behavioural reactions and/ or allergy reactions to some foods (for example: high sugar, high colour/ preservative, nuts)
  3. Some of our students and their families choose not to celebrate birthdays.

With these things in mind, and so that as many students can participate as possible, we encourage parents to keep any food item to a minimum, include an ingredients list where possible, and also keep the item as healthy as possible.

Contagious diseases

The Public Health Act (2005) provides the Principal with the authority to direct a parent of a child with a specified contagious condition to remove their child from school for a prescribed period.

Parents of unvaccinated children relevant to that condition can be directed to remove their child for the same prescribed period.

Education Queensland and Queensland Health will work together closely in these circumstances in the best interests of all students, their families and public health.

Excellence Awards

Our school celebrates the achievements of our students during the school year at 
public occasions such as assemblies and at end of Year Excellence Award Ceremonies.
The following document lists the Excellence Awards and the criteria used to select the nominees for these awards.

Early leavers

Children can only be collected from school by an approved adult. If necessary, photographic identification maybe requested.

When collecting a child from school at any time other than 3.00 pm, children must be signed out at our administration front office.

Last reviewed 08 June 2020
Last updated 08 June 2020