Enrolling at our school


​​​​​​If you live within the school's catchment area or you have a sibling currently enrolled at our school, fill out the Application for Enrolment and bring into the office. Families who reside outside the school's catchment area will be able to submit an online Expression of Interest Form.


2021 & 2022


Due to the high number of enrolments from within our catchment area, we are currently unable to offer positions at our school for families from outside the catchment area. 
Families are welcome to submit an application for enrolment which will sit on our wait list, however it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you a spot for the 2021 school year.
Families who reside within our catchment area will follow the process listed below.


Enrolling at MacGregor in 4 easy steps

Enrolling at MacGregor State School is an easy but important process. There are 4 easy steps that you need to complete for enrolment.

Step 1 - The Enrolment Process

  • Check the enrolment catchment map to find your street address.
  • Out of catchment applications are still accepted onto our waiting list. 


Step 2 - Submitting Enrolment Forms

When submitting enrolment forms, please come prepared with the correct documentation, otherwise the enrolment process cannot proceed. 

Proof of Residency – In Catchment Enrolment

Our school continues to experience high demand for enrolment. To ensure all our local “in catchment” students are able to attend our school our Enrolment Management Plan has just been updated. Our Enrolment Management Plan provides clear direction on how enrolment applications will be managed.

Our Enrolment Officers must be very detailed in their checking of documentation of student’s principal place of residence by asking for:

  • Utility bills (e.g. water bill) or a series of bills at for the same address over a
  • sequential period to demonstrate continued/ongoing residency
  • Electoral Roll verification letter
  • Mobile phone statement (with current address details)
  • Driver’s Licence (with current address details)
  • Bank statement (with current address details; financial details are not required)
  • Tax Assessment Notice (financial details are not required)
  • Documents demonstrating recent change of address / re-location to within the
  • school’s catchment area (e.g. proof  of sale or termination of lease for the
  • previous principal place of residence in a different catchment).

If any of these documents are not provided then a properly sworn Statutory Declaration from the enrolling parent or legal guardian attesting that the student’s principal place of residence is the place nominated in the enrolment application will be required. Applicants should note that a false statement/assertion about the student’s principal place of residence may amount to an offence and may be reported to police. The Principal may repeal a decision to enrol a student in such circumstances.  

 Additional Information

  • Australian Birth Certificate or Passport for the student (If not transferring from a Qld State School)
  • Passport for the student born overseas
  • Visa details for overseas students
  • Two most recent Report Cards (Years Prep to Year 6)
All of the above documentation must be submitted at the time of enrolment. 
Incomplete Enrolment Applications will not be processed.


Step 3 – Enrolment Interview

At the enrolment interview, we will:
  • Discuss the details on the enrolment application.
  • Discuss and organise uniforms and uniform expectations.
  • Discuss and organise stationary, books and readiness for learning.
  • Discuss and organise fee payments.
  • Complete an enrolment agreement.

Step 4 - Understanding school policies

It is very important for you to read and familiarise yourself with our school policies. Please read these prior to your interview as you will need to know about the policies, standards and expectations of our school prior to enrolling your children. Policies and procedures can be found on this website.
It is important to note that enrolment forms are not available from the school office.  Enrolment forms need to downloaded from the website. All enrolment forms need to be printed, completed and brought into school.
View the Department's prep ready reckoner calculator to determine when your child can commence their preparatory year.
Last reviewed 13 July 2021
Last updated 13 July 2021